Got Milk Case Study Ppt

Table of Contents


Objectives of Global Briefing (1)
Objectives of Global Briefing (2)
Supply Chain Comprised of Three Primary Tranches
The Cost of Milk Collection, Processing and Retail Distribution
Key Findings

Regional Analysis

Production Costs Account for Largest Part of Retail Prices
Highest Returns Found in Processing Tranche
Health and Wellness Drives Processor Costs and Returns
Dairy Farmers Generally Most Sensitive to Price Fluctuations

Country Analysis

Spanish Retail Milk Market Increasingly Polarised
Supply Chain Costs for Long-Life/UHT Milk in Spain
Spanish UHT Milk Breakdown of Transport Costs
Spanish UHT Milk Costs from Processor to Retailer
Spanish UHT Milk Costs at the Final Retail Point of Sale
Spanish Retailers Derive Greatest Benefit Along Supply Chain
French Retailers Imposing Will on Overall Supply Chain
Supply Chain Costs for UHT Milk and Plain Yoghurt in France
Quantifying Efficiency Savings for French Private Label Dairy
Breakdown of French Retailers’ Turnover for Dairy Products
French Private Label Milk Ultimately Proves More Profitable
Discounters Dominate German Milk Retail Distribution
Supply Chain Costs for Processed Fluid Milk in Germany
Waste Collection an Added Cost to German Milk Processing
Consolidating Retail Landscape for UK Fluid Processed Milk
Supply Chain Costs for Processed Fluid Milk in the UK
Breakdown of UK Milk Farming Production Costs
Can Greater Efficiencies Offset Rising UK Production Costs?
Bigger is Better: Larger Farms Maximise Economies of Scale
Size of Farm Also Impacts UK Milk Processing Costs
HDPE Bottles Dominate UK Milk, But Times Are Changing
Dairy Crest Offers Benchmark on UK Milk Processing Returns
Petrol Prices Drive Up UK Transport/Distribution Costs
UK Retailers See Biggest Gross Margin Increase for Milk
Private Label Milk Retail Prices: France, Germany, Spain, UK

Key Trends and Developments

Milk Farmgate Prices Have Seen Extreme Volatility
Farmgate Prices Recovering Since Nadir of Mid-2009
Can Fair Trade Milk Counter Farmgate Price Volatility?
Cooperatives Offset Farm Price Volatility, Maximise Profits…
…But Do They Really Achieve This?

Future Prospects

Economic Growth Gathering Pace in 2010…
…Or is Talk of Economic Recovery Still Premature?
Oil Prices and Energy Costs
Mounting Labour Costs
Cattle Feed
Cattle Feed and Commodity Prices
Consumer Demand for Milk
Global Milk Consumption on the Rise
Distribution Favours Super/Hypermarkets
Impact of the Abolition of EU Milk Quotas

Final Conclusions

Supply Chain Cost Projections for Milk in Western Europe
Highest Returns Remain in Processing Tranche
Returns Relative to Retail Price by Tranche, 2009 vs. 2015
Outlook for Milk Supply Chain 2011-2012
Outlook on Consumer Behaviour
The Way Forward for Manufacturers

Report Definitions

Data Parameters and Report Definitions

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Case: Got Milk 23:26 Questions What were the problems or challenges faced by CMPB at the time of the case? Consumers knew milk was good and thought they should drink more of it, but never  thought enough about milk to be motivated to change their consumption habits Typical milk campaigns—that emphasized calcium and other vitamins—caused  consumers to tune out What brand associations  do consumers have for milk? What are the implications  consumption of milk? Girls and kids think of it as a side for Oreos, or dessert like cake and other cookies Associated greatly with breakfast and cereal, coffee… Milk is a complementary food Evaluate the CMPB “Got Milk” marketing and advertising program. Specifically: Advertised at 3 ideal times, at home where milk can be consumed, on the way to the  store and at the store Increased aided recall to e60% and 70% awareness in just 6 months Got consumers talking The tag line went international Developed product partnerships Got repetitive however While milk sales increased, national per capita consumption was still declining

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